About Playful Arts Sessions 2016

Playful Arts Sessions 2016

A day for artists and audience to get together, explore new directions in playful arts and learn more about current developments in this field. Both young and established talented artists & designers present playful interactive and innovative art forms at the intersection of visual art, performing arts and playful interaction design. At Playful Arts Sessions you can find new hybrid art forms, intimate encounters and the ability to engage with appealing (program) makers.

Leave your mark in a carpet of flour, try and catch chocolate with your mouth as goalpost, punch custard, playtest an early version of a theatre game, jump into virtual reality, find your way out of a maze of ropes while blindfolded, surrender to the touch of others, listen to artist talks, participate in a masterclass or workshop about playfulness and your body, enjoy a music performance: discover what playful arts can be!

Artists & Projects:

Expo groundfloor: Sytze Schalk: Kaptka, AKV|St. Joost: Pulling strings, Lidyann van der Wolf: Flour Piece, HKU: The Floor is Lava, Andreas Refsgaard: Eye Conductor, HKU: Herd.
Expo 1 floor: HKU: Alter Ego, AKV|St. Joost: Moving Sculpture Experience, The Channel Surfers, Ludmila Rodrigues: Polytope, Anna Vasof: Foodball, Punch the Custard, VR Unicorns: SkiJump & Selfietennis, Joël Vegt: Maze of the Minotaur, AKV| St. Joost: Magnificent, HKU: Personal Space Invader, AKV St. Joost: Anoniem.
Adriaan de Jongh: PLAY Masterclass
Sylvan Steenhuis: Playful Revolution,
Ulrike Scholtes en Mariëlle Kleyn Winkel: Out of your Mind
Robin Berkelmans: Happy Once More
Playsessions: Bounden, Surrender, Sander Veenhof (picture).
Rapid Talks:
Ludmila Rodrigues, Avans CMD, Robin Berkelmans, Lisa Rombout, Andreas Refsgaard, Beatrice Puijk
Hangop: Tijs Ham

About Playful Arts Festival

Playful Arts Sessions 2016 is an event of Playful Arts Festival, an initiative of Wave of Tomorrow and zo-ii. The festival curates at the intersection of visual art, performance art and playful design in order to encourage social interaction.

Playful Arts Festival brings people together to explore the boundaries of what playful art can be and connects people by creating memorable and playful moments. In this way, the festival strives to bring more playfulness in people's lives and make a positive difference.

The next multi-day Playful Arts Festival will take place in June 2018.

Playful Arts Sessions Organisation


Creative Directors & Curators: Iris Peters, Zuraida Buter
Advisor: Tessa Peters
Production: JeanPaul Jennen & Peter van der Zanden, assistance Lisette Huijsmans
Office manager: Leonie de Bot
Hosts: Tanea Tajiri, Maud Brock, Marloes Reijnders
PR & Communication: Wave of Tomorrow, zo-ii

Graphic Design: Het Eiland
Production Design: Jitske Blom
Website: zo-ii

Catering: Pepijn Muller

Special Thanks

All artists, makers, creators involved
Ivonne van der Velden
Geert Overdam
Rikkert Brok
Paulien Dresscher
Jitske Blom
Monique van de Wijdeven
Wytse Bakker
Eugenie Verschuren
Tim Stobo
Chad Toprak
Mathias Poulsen
Monique Hamers
Marieke Verbiesen