Playful Arts @ FAQ Festival 2016

Enjoy a selection of playful arts at the FAQ Festival!

We collaborated with electronic music festival FAQ to bring playful arts to the their festival audience.

FAQ Festival explores boundaries where popular and avant-garde music are challenged, always with electronic music at the center. With Playful Arts Festival we are always looking for cross-overs between different audiences, creative fields and art with playfulness at its core.
During FAQ we will bring a variety of playful arts to the Toonzaal and W2 Poppodium, with W2N8 on April 9 as the closing event.

Playful Arts line-up includes the labyrinth created by Joël Vegt and commissioned by PAF:


  • Maze of the Minotaur -  Joël Vegt
  • Soundodger Live - Studio Bean
  • Liquid Dreams - Matthias Oostrik
  • Neo - Lola Gielen
  • Loud Matter - Marieke Verbiesen

Music Line-up: 

Aardvarck x Steven de Peven (Rednose Distrikt) * Legowelt * Elias Mazian * Awanto3 (Rushhour, Dekmantel) * Spatial Collective * Benn Rogue *Sugarbelly


Maze of the Minotaur

The installation by Joël Vegt is based on the Greek myth of Theseus and the labyrinth of Knossos. Theseus, was trying to find his way through the maze but never returned, the string of wool which he left to find his way back with is still there and can be used as a guide. Players must use their senses to find their way in the maze. Depending on the positions and complexity of the ropes the maze can be more or less physical for the players.

Maze of the Minotaur is a project by Joël Vegt and is commissioned by Playful Arts Festival.

Soundodger Live

Soundodger is a physical interactive installation about moving through music. Each level is one song during which you must weave in and out of hand-choreographed bullet patterns. The music is all original and licensed by an all-star cast of musicians, spanning genres from chiptune, to drum'n'bass, to alt rock. There's a little something for everybody.

The game is created by Michael Molinari of Studio Bean.

Liquid Dreams

9th version of the interactive E Wall by Matthias Oostrik.
This wall is inspired by the Liquid Light Shows from the 60’s and based on scientific fluid dynamics algorithms.
The 6th version of the Wall received the 2010 Dutch Design award for best product in public space. The software behind this installation is now made opensource and can be found on github.

Matthias Oostrik |1980| is a computer artist, interaction designer and software developer based in Amsterdam. Oostrik creates audiovisual installations that explore the interplay between the audience and technology.
Oostrik collaborated with artist and scientist, including Marina Abramovic, Raphael Diluzio and Suzanne Dikker. In recent years his work was shown at Lexus Hybrid Art Fair (RU), Silicon Valley Contemporary (US), EYE (NL), Soft Control (SI), Mapping Festival (CH) and TodaysArt (NL).


Loud Matter

Loud matter is a live performance featuring live made stop motion Animation, by artist & animator Marieke Verbiesen. A Dutch artist who works with different projects in electronic arts.
Building up to a variety of eccentric animated loops, the animations form a playful, synchronised kinship with the music, using animation as a live performative tool.
Abstract narratives are created with paper cutouts, day-glow erasers, candy-canes and other identified and unindentied objects.
The performance shows loops of the evolving animated composition, bolstered by idiosyncratic movements, kaleidoscopic outbursts
& detonated velocity.
(J.B. Cohen)

Marieke performed with various musicians such as Dan Deacon(USA), Dat Politics(FR),
Bly de Blyant (USA/CAN/NO), Svarte Greiner(NO), Canblaster(FR) Patric Catani(DE),
Marc Nostromo(BE) & Laurie Anderson (USA)

Performed at concerts and venues such as Pulsewave New York(USA), Dataport Portland(USA),
Worldtronics(DE), DEMF Dublin(IR) Institute for Contemporary Art, London(UK)
Kunstencentrum Hasselt(BE), Click Festival(DK) Bergen Kunsthall(NO) & Transmediale Berlin(DE)


Neo A music instrument everybody can play.
It takes years of hard work to master an instrument. Lola Gielen loves making music, but nobody else enjoys it when she makes music. she tried to master the accordion, which made me realize just a lot of practice is not enough. You also need some talent. So after years of fruitless effort to become a musician, she almost gave up. But then she decided instead of trying to master an instrument, she would make an instrument that needed neither years of practice nor any talent to play.
So whether you have no musical talent, no time, or you just want to get a taste of playing an instrument, Neo will make it simple.
Music is a sensory experience, while playing a traditional instrument sound is directly influenced by touch. This is often lost in digital instruments. Even though Neo is a digital instrument, your touch will still influence the sound.
Neo’s base is a circular matrix. On the rows of Neo’s base you can put down marbles and the Neo loops over them as pins on a barrel organ. Next to the base there is a collection of external sensory modules that influence the sound, the speed of the loop or make their own sounds.
For Neo you don’t need rhythm, perfect pitch or years of practice. Just play.
Neo can be heard and seen at De Toonzaal on April 8 and 9 and was curated by Playful Arts Festival.