Submission deadline:

8 May 2016
(11:59 PM - CET)

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Open call Playful Arts

We are looking for playful arts projects to run during Playful Arts Sessions on June 3, in 's-Hertogenbosch.

On Friday 3 June Playful Arts Festival organises Playful Arts Sessions. A vibrant day full of play, performance and visual arts to stimulate social interaction. The beautiful renovated Willem II Fabriek in ’s-Hertogenbosch (NL) is our home base for the day. Here you can explore and experience new playful arts (in development) and meet other creative professionals.

Our program is not yet complete! We’ve left some spots open for you to fill in. It can either be a playful installation or a temporary event, an improvised play, a dance, playful intervention, performance, game, a story or any other form that challenges visitors to playfully engage with the work.

The theme of the day is Bodies at Play. We’re specifically on the look-out for physical objects, playful structures, movements or actions and we have an interest in playing with the senses or using the body as interface.

See for all the guidelines and requirements the guidelines section.


Playful Arts Sessions is a one day event by Playful Arts Festival. Read more about it here:

Playful Arts Festival curates at the intersection of visual arts, performance art and playful design with a focus on social interaction. We create small, special moments in which people connect, even when they don’t know each other. With this we’d like to bring more playfulness in people’s lives and make a positive difference. Playful Arts Festival explores the boundaries of what playful arts can be, in collaboration with others. Join our events and share your playful thoughts with us.

Playful Arts Festival / Playful Arts Sessions / The Art of Play are collaborative initiatives of the organisations zo-ii and Wave of Tomorrow


Playful Arts - Playfully engage with the arts


  • Playful Arts Projects (finished or work in progress)
  • Playful approach 
  • Surprising connection with the theme Bodies at Play. Stimulate the senses, play with intimacy/corporality, or a twist in movement.

Practical information:

  • The exhibition space contains a grid of steel pillars. The pillars are placed every 5 meters. The ceiling is 4 to 5m high.
  • Think about safety in use and design
  • Please note that we ask you to bring your own hardware / materials / tech / software. We will provide electricity.
  • To facilitate conversations between artists/ visitors & others and to set up your work, we ask you to be present on June 3 yourself.
  • Location: see

What else?

  • Questions? You can contact Iris Peters & Zuraida Buter, creative directors Playful Arts Festival via hello [at]
  • Submit the form before 8 May 2016 (11:59 PM CET)
  • Form: Describe the concept in detail. Proposals with (concept) art and/or images of prototypes make us happy.