New in 2017 for Playful Arts

More chances to explore Playful Arts together in 2017!

Every other year we aim to bring Playful Arts to the Netherlands with a multiple day festival in June, but what about all the other months? We are happy to announce that for 2017 we are going to have more opportunities to explore Playful Arts together. Introducing: Playful Arts Meetups and Playful Arts Sessions.

Playful Arts Meetups are informal evenings with talks, demos and conversations that we organise in different cities in the Netherlands and are hosted at different cultural partner locations. Together with artists, designers, makers, creators and other interested parties we explore playful arts from different perspectives.  Each evening will have a few speakers that will talk about their work from a playful arts perspective. We also welcome short demos for playful arts projects. We are still exploring the format a bit, let us know if you have any suggestions!

Do you like to introduce you playful work to an audience and other artist/ makers? Send us a note via hello[at]

Playful Arts Sessions are evenings where we explore the work of two artists or collectives around a common theme. The sessions consist of two interactive & participatory projects, dinner and a conversation with the artists led by an expert moderator. By doing this we aim to get a more in-depth look into the art practice of several playful arts artists and share this through conversation and immersive & participatory experiences with the audience.
The sessions in 2017 are supported by Willem Twee kunstruimte and ’s-Hertogenbosch municipality.

Have a look at our events page to check dates for upcoming playful arts events!