New Gamegrounds @ De Brakke Grond

New Gamegrounds at Brakke Grond in collaboration with PAF.

New Gamegrounds – 29 & 30 April – Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)

2 day festival about theatre, games and interaction. Playful Route (DIY escape room, physical & digital games, ShortLarp, urban play and more), talks and a playful jam. Organisers: Brakke Grond, zo-ii, Playful Arts Festival, DeBuren.

We’re working together with De Brakke Grond to bring you New Gamegrounds, a playful mini-festival that explores theatre, games, interaction and performance.

What can game-developers and theatre-makers learn from one another? How does the experience of the viewer/participant change when s/he takes on an (inter)active role? And how does this change our understanding of art?

New Gamegrounds is aimed at game-makers, interactive artists, theatre-makers and others interested in the role of interaction in games, theatre and art.

See below for more information on the programme.

We hope to see you there!
Get your tickets via the website of the Brakke Grond.

Play & design playful works!

Parallel to the mini-festival we’re organising a playful jam. Get together with artists, designers and performers to experiment and create a playful work within an 18 hour timespan. Explore the intersection of play, performance and interaction together with a special focus on playful bodies.

There is still time to sign up! Have a look at the full jam invitation here or sign up here!


New Gamegrounds line-up

Each day, we will start at 16h00 with a Playful Route – an extensive programme by de Brakke Grond with various games, performances and workshops, featuring:

DIY Escape Room by Tim Bosje, Short LARP, Conversation Game performance by Nina BoasTHIS IS NOT MY VOICE SPEAKING by Ant Hampton & Britt Hatzius, Bounden by Game Oven Studios / Adriaan de Jongh, Mega Girp by Bennett Foddy & Doug Wilson, Mountain by David O’Reilly, Art Game by Pippin BarrJohan Sebastiaan Joust by Die Gute Fabrik, This War of Mine by 11bitstudios, Papers, Please by Lucas Pope, Pop-up Play with Lemon Jousting and others, card game Bycatch by Subalekha Udayasankar and HubHub, and the games in the exhbition Let’s Start Playing The Game! including Parallel Cards by Ryan Gander, THATAWAY by HeyHeydeHaas and various other activities.

Evening conference: ‘Tyranny of the Creator’
After 20h00, two evening panels will be held under the title ‘The Tyranny of the Creator’. The first evening, this will feature Shirley Dent, Richard Barbrook, SETUP and Duncan Speakman on games and manipulation. What are the benefits and the drawbacks of gamification – influencing the behaviour of citizens and consumers using game elements?
On the second evening, we will discuss games that confront their players with moral or ethical choices, and what this means for games as a medium, with David Nieborg and Pawel Miechowski of This War of Mine. Also on the second evening, the teams from the Playful Jams will present their results. Extensive information on the speakers can be found on the DeBuren website.


Wednesday 29 April
16u00 – 19u00: Playful route & Pop-up Play (see above for the list of activities )
20u30 – 22u00: Evening panel on ‘Games and Manipulation’ with:
– Shirley Dent (Institute of Ideas)
– Richard Barbrook (Class Wargames and author Imaginary Futures)
– SETUP on urban nudging, artist Duncan Speakman will respond with his own game
22u00 – 23u00: Sneaks & Blaggers – urban game by Duncan Speakman (outside)

Thursday 30 April
16.00 – 20.00: Playful route & Pop-up Play
20.30 – 22.00: Evening panel ‘Moral Game grounds’:
– Playful Jam presentations
– David Nieborg (Gamespace)
– Pawel Miechowsky (This War of Mine / 11bitstudios (PL)
– Annette Mees (Early Days of a Better Nation)

22.00: Playful Jam play

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