The City as Playground – PAF line-up @ Culturele Zondagen – 20 June

We’re happy to announce the line-up for The City as Playground we are organizing in collaboration with Expodium as part of Culturele Zondagen‘s Day of Architecture.

For this year’s Day of Architecture, Expodium invited us to organize a day about play and the city. Goal: to publicly research the way [digital] play influences the city. Actually, it is more than a public research, it is an experiment in which you are invited to participate. We invited artists Abner Preis, Ieke Trinks, Phoenix Perry and Jedidjah Julia Noomen to introduce you to the playful city. Before their lectures and performances take place, around 14.00h Expodium and Playful Arts Festival explain why ‘play’ is such an important tool in analyzing of -and acting in the city.

Saturday 20 June 2015. 12:00 – 17:00

Tractieweg 41, Utrecht

Throughout the day

‘Urban Game: Save the World’ – Jedidjah Julia Noomen
On Saturday go to Werkspoorkathedraal to pick up materials for your journey. Then go to http://www.save-theworld.nl/ and pick Utrecht as your location. Follow the story/instructions.


12:00 – 14:00 Workshop Urban Hacking/ Hack the City – Abner Preis* [in English]
14:00 – 17:00 Workshop One Button Game – Phoenix Perry [in English]*

More info about the workshops can be found here: http://playfulartsfestival.com/join-or-playful-workshops-during-culturele-zondag-the-city-as-a-playground/

*We expect the participants to be present at the workshops for the complete workshop. 
Send a message to info@expodium.nl if you want to take part in one of the workshops.


14.00 – 14.20 Introduction – Friso Wiersum (Expodium)
14.30 – 14.45 Introduction to ‘playful arts’- Zuraida Buter (Playful Arts Festival)
15.00 – 15.15 Talk Abner Preis [in English]
15.30 – 16.15 Talk + performance Ieke Trinks
16.30 – 16.45 Talk Jedidjah Julia Noomen: Save the world

At the end of the day the beautiful Werkspoorkathedraal will be the venue for an opera! Tickets for that event are available separately.


Talks in more detail:

Hack the City – Abner Preis

Around noon Abner will do a workshop with participants to explore the city and look at the rules and systems that guides us through the city. In his lecture Abner will talk about his work and will reflect on the workshop of that day.

Abner Preis was raised in Philadelphia, where he earned a BFA at Tyler School of Fine Arts and is presently working on an MFA at the Dutch Art Institute Arnhem, NL. The artist is known for his interactive public performances and mixed-media work, with the concept of traditional story-telling as the central aspect. Appropriation, the element of surprise, participation, playfulness and political and social engagement are elements that appear throughout Preis’ work, whether performance, drawing, video, installation or photography. Preis has exhibited his work and performed in institutions such as De Kunsthal, Showroom Mama, Solo Presentation Scope Miami,Museum Jan Cunen, Twent Beinnalle, Museum Twentsewelle, Dordrechts Museum, IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam). Preis has been the recipient of several artist residencies in KunstHuis SYB, Museum Quartier Vienna, Foundation B.A.D., Kunst and Complex and was nominated for the Illy Prize at Art Rotterdam in 2010. He regularly performs in international art and public spaces, independently or in collaboration with his collective, The Dogs of Shame. Preis lives and works in Rotterdam.

Call for Participants – ieke Trinks:

ieke Trinks will give a presentation on the project Call for Participants. In June, 2014 Bernard Roddy & ieke Trinks completed this project as part of the Playful Arts Festival. Roddy & Trinks searched for participants for their 4 performances at several locations in urban and private spaces of Den Bosch. The focus in this project was on the process of the search. During Trinks’ presentation members of the audience will be invited to read aloud lines from the recorded conversations between her and potential participants.

ieke Trinks (1977, NL) is a visual artist living and working in Rotterdam. In 2008 she completed a masters degree in visual arts and since then has developed a practice in performance and related forms of live art. Trinks has performed at TENT in Rotterdam, Performanssi in Turku, FADO in Toronto, Defibrillator in Chicago, and Verbo in São Paulo, to name a few. Trinks has also completed projects involving several local communities. Most recently, One Family (2014) was a project for the Amorph!14 performance art festival in Helsinki for which she collaborated with a Finnish family to carry out a public performance. For Unscripted Play (2013) residents from a retirement home and a center for adults who are physically challenged were invited to join in on improvisation practices in Tulsa, Oklahoma. For the past several years Trinks has been organizing Performance Art Events for PAE in Rotterdam and working in collaboration with the improvisation troupe, TRICKSTER.

Save the World – Jedidjah Noomen.

Jedidjah will talk about about her urban game Save the world: a digital interactive fiction game combined with an offline quest through the city. Through location based projects like this she tries to alter the city for a small period of time, using as less means as possible. Her aim is to change people’s views of their environment, both during and after a project.

Jedidjah Julia Noomen was trained as a scriptwriter. She wrote screenplays and texts for the theatre, radio, film and tv and produced, wrote and directed several multidisciplinary theatrical projects on specific locations. She also developed Community Arts projects revolving around specific local areas. The last couple of years she also developed her skills in the gaming industry, writing and translating.



Expodium / Play – Friso Wiersum

During 2015 Expodium will be researching the un-making of the Netherlands, by exploring and intervening in scenario’s in Utrecht’s Werkspoorkwartier under the banner of “Unmaking the Netherlands (UTN)”. PLAY is one of the themes they cover during this year. In this introduction Friso will explain their choice for play as a theme and its importance for the city.

Playful Arts Festival / Urban Play – Zuraida Buter

In 2012 Iris Peters and Zuraida Buter founded Playful Arts Festival together. The festival explores the cross-overs between art, play, social interaction and design. The biennale has a different theme every edition. In 2014 the festival focused on Urban Play as a theme. Zuraida will talk about playful interventions in the city as way to see the city from a different perspective with examples from the festival.

Zuraida is a playful culture curator at zo-ii. She curates, initiates, consults and documents events focused on playful culture and games. She brings people together for creation, inspiration and playfulness. She curated events like Playful Arts Festival, New Gamegrounds at the Brakke Grond and Incubate Arcade in Tilburg.

She co-founded Playful Arts Festival in 2012 and was as worldwide Executive Director involved in the Global Game Jam. Zuraida is on the Now Playing advisory board (US) a tv series on the importance of play; on the CounterPlay advisory board (DK), an international festival about play and games and committee member of the VAF Game Fund (BE).

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