Playful Arts Sessions #2: Wanderlust – 13 December 2017

Put on some comfy boots and warm clothes and join us for playful wanderings through the city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch on the evening of 13 December 2017. We will start at 7PM […]

Loneliness of Crowds - Louise Orwin & Eugénie Pastor

Playful Arts Sessions: The Encounter – 8 June 2017

One evening, two interactive and playful performances, a lovely dinner and a live conversation with the artists. Playful Arts Sessions: The Encounter is all about encountering each other and the […]


Next Playful Arts Meetup: 10 May

Our next playful arts meetup is on 10 May in Amsterdam! We are delighted to announce that Melkweg Expo has offered their space as a venue for the meetup. Expect […]

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Playful Arts Festival explores the intersection of interactive performing arts, visual art and playful design with a focus on social interaction

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I had a truly inspiring time at the Playful Arts Festival: being with inspiring people who were inspiring me to inspire them even more, teaching, playing, appreciating, being appreciated.
Bernie DeKoven

Playful Arts Sessions: The Encounter (2017)

The Art of Play: Masterclasses

PAF14 Teaser Trailer

PAF14: Play in the Dark

People said

The creativity and positivity that epitomized 2014’s Playful Arts Festival ensured it was such an important and memorable experience for attendees. By spilling into the streets of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and blurring the lines between our everyday life and playful participation it created a magical atmosphere for everyone.

Llaura Mcgee

Llaura Mcgee

Playful Arts Festival was so good. So good!! It really is all about playfulness, isn’t it?

Adriaan de Jongh

Adriaan de Jongh

Bounden / Fingle

I feel very fortunate to have attended 2014’s Playful Arts Festival, which was unquestionably a historic event.

Richard Lemarchand

Richard Lemarchand

USC Games (previously at Naughty Dog)

The Playful Arts Festival triggers my curiosity […] I am like a kid again eager to go out investigate and discover!

Nanda de Block

Nanda de Block

DOTS Magazine

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Playful Culture Curation

Visual Art & New Media organisation.



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